• car booking conditions age limit icon

    Drivers required age

    To rent a car from Car Booking you need to be at lease 21 years old.

  • car booking driver licence icon

    Drivers licence

    It's necessary to give drivers licence for inspection, also your driver licence needs to be from at least 2 years ago.

  • car booking paying icon


    Payment is done by credit card or cash, this step is before delivery.

  • car booking insurance icon


    Comprehensive insurance and insurance of passengers, which covers eventual accidents, theft and medical care of passengers are included in reservation price.

  • car booking border icon

    Border passing

    Car booking approval is needed for trips outside of the state.

  • car booking police icon

    Police record

    In case of accident, even the ones with minimal damage (scratches, glass cracks etc.), it's necessary to own police record, else client will cover all costs induced by damage or theft.

  • car booking deposite icon


    Prilikom plaćanja rezervacije Car Booking zahtijeva depozit u visini učešća u šteti, koji će biti aktiviran u slučaju da snosite odgovornost u eventualnoj saobraćajnoj nezgodi. During reservation payment Car Booking requires deposit, which will be activated in case you need to make payment for accident.

  • car booking fuel icon


    Vehicle needs to be returned with the same amount of fuel it was delivered with.

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